Good design helps to determine the face and personality of your organization as well as to make others aware of what your values are. Whether your organization is a corporation, government or a not-for-profit - the way graphics are employed will determine how you are perceived by the people with whom you deal with on a daily basis.


Our design services are comprehensive and dynamic. The Allset Inc. team is experienced in many areas of the design process including: illustration, graphic design, web design and development, videography, and animation. Our capabilities are complemented by our technical expertise, allowing for true "one stop shopping" when it comes to graphic communication.


We have designed everything from small pamphlets to extensive catalogues as well as technical manuals and complete branding packages. Our team has designed, built, and maintained websites for all types of businesses and governmental organizations. Our past projects have included communication outreach products such as educational DVDs where we provide everything from the video and voiceover to the illustration and packaging.


From initial design to the finished product, be it printed, video or web-based – Allset Inc. has it covered.